dj flux

DJ FLUX – Czech Republic


  • The music used in ROOTS IN EGO indie movie:
  • Routine – DJ FLUX MASTA
  • DJ mix routine made by Flux Masta


DJ FLUX is DMC winner, and czech proffesional turntablist.

DJ FLUX’s music career began in 1998 in the Czech Republic. Purchased the introduction of the first turntable mixing and scratching. His music style URBAN DANCE (Funky, Soul, Hip Hop, RnB, House, Elektro, Drum&Bass, Dubstep, Breakz, Reggae, Minimal, Jazz,..) at the same time, mixing his saxophone drums, mpc and other elements.After moving to Prague, well-known in the industry at the local radio station playing in the signing RADIO DJ, DJ FLUX radio live performances have gained more experience and performance shock of hearing a valuable exchange. In 2009, he became the DJ Masters (ABSOLUT) champion, won the title in 2009, Mr. DJ, from the 120 well-known all over the Czech&Slovak DJ’s SHOW and TECHNIC (Scratching & Beat Juggling) DJ FLUX and DJ FRIKY aka TROUBLE TEAM won the Czech & Slovak DMC championship twice (2010,2011) and each year represented at the DMC Championship Finals in London.

1. DJ MASTERS 2009 – Technika
1. DJ MASTERS 2009 – Show

1. CZ/SK DMC Team 2010
1. CZ/SK DMC Team 2011
1. CZ/SK DMC Team 2012
1. CZ/SK DMC Team 2013

2. CZ/SK DMC Championship 2013
2. CZ/SK DMC Supermacy 2010
2. CZ/SK DMC Supermacy 2011
2. CZ/SK DMC Supermacy 2012
2. CZ/SK DMC Supermacy 2013
3. CZ/SK DMC Championship 2010
5. World DMC Team Championship 2012 London
6. World IDA Show Final 2012 Krakow
6. World DMC Team Championship 2011 London
8. World DMC Team Championship 2010 London